The District Emergency Response Section is made up of three Divisions: Training, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Operations. Emergency Response is the responsibility of the Deputy Chief, who reports to the Fire Chief.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is comprised of emergency response personnel and equipment. The daily emergency response staffing for the entire fire district is 20 personnel. This staffing includes one Battalion Chief, four 3-Person Engine Companies, one 3-Person Truck Company who also cross-staff an engine, and two 2-Person Paramedic Ambulances.

The District provides a full range of emergency responses services including but not limited to: structural fire suppression, wildland fire suppression, response to hazardous materials incidents, Urban Search and Rescue, water rescue, vehicle extrication, technical rescue as well as basic life support and advanced life support medical services.

Fire District emergency response personnel respond to almost 5,000 incidents annually, of which approximately 3,200 or 65% are medical in nature, ranging from motor vehicle accidents and elderly falls to childbirths and heart attacks.

Engine companies are staffed with at least one Firefighter/Paramedic, and thus have the ability to immediately administer advanced life support (ALS) pre-hospital emergency medical care upon their arrival. The two ambulances are staffed with two paramedics each and respond along with an engine company to all medical emergencies. The District strives to provide Advanced Life Support care within 5 minutes of notification, 80% of the time.