Station 65 (Hamilton)

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Station 5Station 65, located at 5 Bolling Drive in the Hamilton area of Novato, is the newest station in the District.

Built to accommodate firefighting personnel and our public safety partners, it offers quarters to the 3-person Fire District Paramedic Engine Company and the 15-person Tam Fire Crew (part of Marin County Fire Department) during Wildland Fire Season. Station 5 also provides office space for our law enforcement partners(Novato Police, Marin County Sheriff and California Highway Patrol) to complete and transmit reports. Finally, the Marin County Coroner uses the office as it's field office for investigators.

One Captain, one Engineer and one Firefighter/Paramedic staff a Paramedic Engine Company. The Engineer or Firefighter/Paramedic cross staffs the Type 3 Engine. A reserve type 1 engine is also stored at Station 65.

The Tam Fire Crew stores and maintains their equipment in the apparatus bay at Station 65: one Support Truck, one Crew Hauler, and one Crew Support vehicle.

Paramedic Engine Company Type 3 Engine
Paramedic Engine Company Type 3 Engine
Support Truck Crew Hauler
Superintendent Truck Crew Hauler