Did You Copy/Paste or Just Click?

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

If you clicked the link, you got Phished. Thank goodness this was a harmless link

It’s a good time for a reminder about some simple things we can all do to improve our data security. Here’s 10 ways we can be smarter about District Data: 

  1. Do not click on links in emails. Highlight them and copy/paste them into your browser. The LINK you see is not necessarily the link you get. IF it's not legit, close the browser without hitting Enter. 

  2. Do not access your less secure personal email on District computers. View your home emails on your smart phone

  3. READ emails carefully. Does it have grammatical errors? Weird phone numbers from unknown vendors?

  4. Be aware of emails designed to look like they come from a coworker or someone@novatofire.org. There will be obvious hints that let you know they are fake.

  5. NO ONE at Novato Fire will ever ask you to forward Personnel information via email.  The Chief does not want a copy of every employee’s W2 forms, even if that’s what the email is asking. 

  6. Microsoft will NOT call you to alert you to trouble on your PC. Ever. Nor will they email you.

  7. Tech Support will NOT call you to alert you to trouble on your PC. Ever. Nor will they email you.

  8. Do NOT put your passwords on a post it note and stick to your monitor. Do not have a list of passwords and logins underneath your keyboard. Do not keep passwords on your computer in a folder/file labeled “passwords”.

  9. Make your password a passphrase.  A good password might look like this:  **Mycateatsmice11.   Use the phrase “Mycateatsmice” for your many passwords, and simply change the prefix/suffix as needed.  Your post it can then read **phrase11. Unless someone knows your phrase, they’re not getting in. Keep the phrase in your head.

  10. Do not connect any devices to the District network.  If a device is needed, IT Division will connect it, segment it, and apply the appropriate security levels.